Brand your way to profitability

Marian Cozma
3 min readMay 25, 2021

There is no business without a branding. A business needs a unique identity, a name, and a voice to stand out from all others in the niche and the industry. The process of branding requires a keen eye for details, studying the market to come up with an identity that is relevant and appealing to attract and retain customers.

To a consumer, your brand is the promise of what they can get with you. It is your pledge of better quality products or services. It is the future path you plan to tread upon, and the solution you want to provide. Who you are, and who customers perceive you to be.

Vitsœ’s designer, Dieter Rams. Photograph by Abisag Tüllmann. Source:

According to (German) industrial designer Dieter Rams a good design is:

1. Is innovative

2. Makes a product useful

3. Is aesthetic

4. Makes a product understandable

5. Is unobtrusive

6. Is honest

7. Is long-lasting

8. Is thorough down to the last detail

9. Is environmentally friendly

10. Involves as little design as possible



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